Does anyone have one of these units tucked away in a garage, attic or storage facility?
I saw guy cooking with one the other day and immediately decided that it was too cool for school- and I needed one.  Real bad.
Online searches have been disappointing.  Kind of rare.
All leads are appreciated

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  1. Jason says:

    Mad4Mod Vintage has one of these for sale. If you are interested, call the store 614-453-0791. Store Hours, 12-6 PM Tuesday through Sunday EASTERN. It is on sale right now. They can ship anywhere in the world for a reasonable price.

  2. Your Comments

    I have one mint still in the box and original packaging…Thinking of putting it on Ebay

  3. JR says:

    very cool…amanda…you should keep it…it will only go up in value.

  4. Jenn says:

    Hi there, I have a Ball-B-Q in mint original condition with all parts included, no scratches, rust or signs of use for sale here in Chicago. I’m not sure what price point I’m selling it for but I think I’m looking for somewhere around $400? But willing to negotiate a final price with shipping if needed. Please contact me if interested! Otherwise, I’m putting it up on Ebay :) Hope to get a buyer soon! Thank you!

  5. Susan Barker says:

    I have a vintage Ball B Q with some rust and paint flaking off on the lower grill part, but the top is in great shape and the actual grill just needs a touch of cleaning. I’m puttiing it into an estate sale on Thursday, but if you’re interested I might be able to ship it; (original box long gone.)

  6. John Rumery says:

    How much are you asking? Where are you located?

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