Dream Grill – Part 2

I am considering abandoning my multiple-Weber-grills-plus-an-old-Hasty-Bake strategy for competitions (and home).  I still like the old school feel to Webers and the artist in me enjoys the nuances of cooking with a kettle.  Every cook is an unique,  one-of-a-kind experience.

However, after lunch with my friend and fellow BBQ enthusiast,  Harlan, and lamenting my poor showing at Silver Lake, I began thinking that life would be a lot easier, with one big grill, preferable a mobile unit.  I do admit, one big portable pit would make my evening family barbecues an exercise in over kill, but over kill can be underrated.

Previously I posted my lust for a Weber Ranch Kettle.  Heavy duty, stainless grates, a tremendous cooking surface.  It still is number one on my chart, but I am trying to think this through with my head, not my heart.  Here is a partial list of the grills that over the next several months, I will do my due diligence on:

The Grillery

Lang Smokers

Hasty Bake

Cajun Grill

Big Green Egg

Tejas Pits

Klose Pits

My plan is to research these units and share my thoughts.  Trying to find the balance between home use and competition use, common sense and “grill-rational thinking”  and affordability and wretched excess…

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9 Replies to Dream Grill – Part 2

  1. braddog says:

    Dude, get an Egg. I’ve tried one of everything and for cooking for your family, ceramic rocks!

  2. JR says:

    Not to toot my own horn, but my store helped introduce Eggs to Grand Rapids….I have cooked on small, medium and large eggs 1000 times. I love the Egg. I also love the open fire, and the closed cover grilling is not for me.
    Saying that, the Egg is probably the best BBQ unit made- especially for Michigan.

    Thanks for the comment

  3. Anthony says:

    Eggs are cool, but the weight/portability and capacity sucks. I used to own a kamado. I hated having this great smoker, but not being able to transport. I got rid of the Kamado and replaced it with a WSM for now. I’m considering upgrading to a Hasty Bake.

  4. JR says:

    Anthony- the portability (and direct grilling experience) is my #1 issue with The Egg. That said..for pure BBQ – the best ribs and butt I have EVER made–on the The EGG.

    But I love high temp, open hood grilling…it sizzles!

    Thanks for the comment..

    ps- the Hasty Bake is real nice….QUALITY- made in the USA, and it is great for BBQ and grilling (not as good in snow/cold/rain as the Egg however)

  5. Levi says:

    I think you might need to re-think the “one grill” idea.
    I say this because as a Big Green Egg owner I think I can say that you will not find a better bbq/smoker. but yes, they are HEAVY my large egg wieghs about 140lbs.
    and If I remember correctly the extra large is about 210 lbs.
    I guess you could build an egg nest into a small trailer. otherwise you would need another grill for portability.
    But untill you have an egg of your own you will always wonder “what if”

  6. Anthony says:

    Just curious… what direction has your research pointed you in. I am still trying to decide what grill/smoker to get. I am not into competition, but I want a single device to grill and bbq on. I’m still considering the Hasty Bake, but I am also considering the Big Drum Smoker.

    • JR says:

      Anthony- leaning towards the Weber ranch…(more like settling on the Weber ranch) It’s about $1,000, which puts it at the low end of several of the options (I know I can by several kettles and bullets for that much….but I want one grill)

      The economy is doing me no favors, so it might another season with my three kettles and one OLD Hasty Bake.

      What are you thinking?

  7. Anthony says:

    I like the Hasty Bake, but for some reason, I just don’t think it would do well at smoking. The marketing on their website leads me to believe that it can do all things well. What do you think of it? Any reason you won’t consider it to be your “one” grill. As far as the Big Drum Smoker, I know that I can’t indirect smoke with it, but I’m willing to lose that aspect because I know I can still get the smoke flavor, cooking directly over the coals. For the BDS, I’m worried about not getting sear marks on steaks and chicken. Sounds petty, I know, but if I’m going for the “one” grill, I want it to be perfect ;-)

  8. Looking forward to your reviews!

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