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Looking for a great grill? Try a Hasty Bake. Very versatile (high and low temperature grilling), tremendous cooking surface (I  had 12 cornish hens, glazed with a lime-honey-chile sauce,  sitting upright on the little V-8 cans in my Hasty Bake. It brought tears to my eyes…it was so darn good)

Check it out.

For the cornish hen recipe, check out this cookbook:

Weber’s Big Book

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  1. Anthoyn says:

    What kind of unattended burn time can you get on the Hasty Bake? I am considering one, but I’m concerned about the burn time. I like to set the fire and get some sleep, like when using my WSM.

  2. JR says:

    That’s a good question….Using lump charcoal, with a slow burn, I can easily get 4 hours +/-….about the same as my Weber kettle, but a lot easier to add fuel, and tremendous cooking surface. The longest burn times are for sure, The Big Green Egg…..basically unlimited (for any practical cut of meat)

    I agree w/the need for sleep…I think that led me to experimenting w/slightly higher cooking temps (350 +/-),,,which I then combine with foiling (about 40-60% ) and heavy smoke. Works real well.

    A 12 hour brisket can now be 6 hours…w/no loss of quality (IMHO)

  3. Nick says:

    I’m relatively new to the Hasty Bake and I’m only getting about an hour between refueling. How can I achieve that 4 hour burn that you’re talking about? Having that flexibility would make me a happy guy. Thanks in advance!

    • JR says:

      Nick- last weekend I cooked w/ a friend who easily had a 6-8 burn on his Hasty Bake. He spread the coals in his firebox, then started the fire on the side (right side looking at it) This fire slowly worked it’s way left….

      You also might want to experiment with the Minion Method…

      The long burns are really for the low temp (225-275 range). Maybe add a little more coal, tinker with the vents, start the coals on the edge(s).

      Keep trying…it can be done fairly easily once you get the hang of it…Hasty Bakes are great grills….really nice!

  4. Nick says:

    Thanks, JR. I’ll give these tips a shot. I’ve been only adding enough charcoal to keep it at about 225 with all of the fuel burning. I’d seen the Minion Method before but only with briquettes (not on my Hasty Bake!) until the link you just shared. If I stumble upon any great discoveries, I’ll be sure to share.

  5. Nick says:

    One more question. Do you use the heat shield with any of these methods? Seems like it might get in the way. Thanks again for your mentorship!

    • JR says:

      I used the heat shield quite a bit….it took a lot of abuse…dripping, heat, etc…if it ever becomes not usable…I just keep the firebox low. Recommend it however,,,just use a little more coal, and you should be fine.

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